Exclusive Fishing

For bookings please contact Louise in the Estate Office on 0191 375 8152 or estateoffice@capheatonhall.co.uk

Sir Edward’s Lake, Capheaton – Brown Trout

Five minutes walk from Capheaton Village is Sir Edwards Lake. Built by Sir Edward Swinburne in 1750 the Lake offers outstanding Brown Trout fishing.
The Lake consists of 35 acres of still water with weed beds on the perimeter. We stock the Lake every three or four years and, because the natural feed is so abundant, the trout grow to great weights. Fish of over 7lbs are not uncommon. We fish fly only and generally with a floating or intermediate line. On the whole, the trout like to take just below the surface, so wet flies are probably the most successful.
There is a single boat which comfortably accommodates two rods. There is a rudimentary boathouse which serves as a good spot to get out of rain and have a picnic.
Each guest is shown the Lake by either Willy Browne-Swinburne or another member of the team. Initially it is important that we show you how the boat is accessed and provide you with keys and any other guidance you may require.
Life jacket recommended.

North Tyne Salmon & Seatrout at Chollerton

The North Tyne is part of the Tyne river catchment which is by far the most successful English salmon river.
Approximately 15 minutes drive away from Capheaton is our stretch at Chollerton. It is an exceptionally beautiful part of the Tyne system with a mile and a half of single bank fishing opposite the Haughton Beat, just below Barrasford.
Three rods are available each day and prices range (depending on the time of year) from £40 in the early part of the season to £90 in the Autumn run which tends to be the most prolific time of year.
Depending upon water height the Chollerton Beat is fished with a fly although a spinner can be used in certain conditions.
There is a fishing hut with a stove and veranda looking across the river. For guidance we have the help of Johnny Griffiths and Malcolm Johnson who will show you the river and, by prior arrangement, will ghillie for you as required. They are not paid employees so you must make your own arrangements with them should you require more assistance.
Life Jacket and Wading stick recommended.